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Behind the scene posts

B.T.S Alena & Vincenzo

During my recent shoot with Alena and Vincenzo my friend and fellow photographer Darrell Clarke of DClarke’s Photography came with me to take behind the scene photos of the shoot. I have to say I am very happy with these images and want to share them with you.

You can see the blog post of the full shoot here

Headshot Session with Actor Mike Fedee

I had an impromptu headshot session this morning in my garden…yes my garden.  It was a very cool setup.  I had a sheet of ply wood living in my shed that I decided to paint white on one side (propped this up on my garden table and clamped it to my cherry tree).  Set up a two light strobe setup, one to illuminate the backboard and the other as key light, my secret third light was the sun coming in on his left.  A Tri-flector to balance out the shadows under his chin and all shot with my new Canon 5DMK 3 with the 70-200mm lens shot at 200mm for ultimate compression, my aperture was between f6-f7.1.

Mike Fedee (facebook & Model-Mayhem) is a full time actor, he came all the way from France to spend 10 days in the UK and found his way to my part of london to do this shoot. This guy was brilliant to work with, he knows exactly what he wants and this came across in the shoot. I had such a great time with this guy and really hope he continues to strive well in his career.

Below are the pictures from this shoot as well as the setup pictures, enjoy.

BTS – Wedding Promo Video

I recently completed a shoot that was recorded for my upcoming video (YouTube). It’s a video to help promote my Wedding Photography business as well as introduce you to the other members of the team that helped me to complete this project.

While the video is in post production here are some behind the scenes shots taken by Anna the MUA/HS. They are really cool and the funny thing is I had no clue she was taking them. Thanks Anna