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Tom & Emily – Shorne Woods Engagement Shoot

In the beautiful setting of Shorne Woods in early July, I had the opportunity to do a private engagement shoot with this couple Tom & Emily.   There wedding is taking place in August of this year and I can share those pictures with you too

We met up on a very hot Sunday morning at Shorne Woods Country Park (see here).  This was suggested by the groom as it holds sentimental value to the two of them.

I arrived about an hour before the couple as it was my first time at this location.  This gave me enough time to scope out the area and plan my shoot locations.  So fulled with a large bottle of water I took a gentle stroll around the woods.

The couple arrived and it was great to catch up with them again since not meeting up with them for a good 8 months prior.  I took them through how the shoot would go and we set off into the woods for the shoot.

We had a great time together just taking a walk around the woods and stopping at locations that just looked amazing.  They were so relaxed in front of my camera and the shots really paid off.

Here are there amazing pictures from this shoot.  Tom, Emily, see you two again very soon.

Cannot wait for your amazing wedding day.

Rozelyn & Jerome

I had a really fun shoot with these two on Saturday April 20th.  I had pre planned the locations that we would be doing the shoot and checked the weather, prepped the camera bag, everything.  Except I forgot that it was London Marathon Day the very next day lol.  These caused all the locations that I wanted to choose to be under some form of stand construction.  However this did not stop us.  We still had an awesome day and worked around all the things going on.

Thanks guys for a truly fun day.

Here are the photos from this session.

Alena & Vincenzo

This beautiful couple braved the sub zero temperatures of UK’s brilliant spring weather, to come out to Central London and do a shoot with me. What a great couple. It turned out that this was also there one year anniversary so it was extra special for the two of them and my pleasure to be shooting them.

I had so much fun doing this shoot, it was snowing during the whole shoot that really tested how long we could cope out in the thick of it.

I decided on the location for this shoot to be in Victoria Embankment Gardens and then over the road from the London Eye. I did this shoot with the Canon 5D MK3 and the 70-200mm Lens.

I would like to say Congratulations to Alena and Vincenzo on their one year anniversary. Here are their images form the shoot.