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Kallum’s First Birthday

I was asked by the wife of my good friend Darrell, (you can see his work here) to shoot some images of their son’s 1st birthday party.  It was an absolute pleasure to do this and I had alot of fun and got to put my Lastolite Ezybox Speed-lite Softbox to some more testing.

Here are a selection of my favorites from that day:

The Doghouse

Some time ago I was asked if I could shoot a band called “The Doghouse”  I had never done a shoot like this before and thought it would be a really fun shoot.

So I rocked on up to the location, “The Boogaloo” archway (really cool place) armed with only my Canon 50mm and 18-55mmkit lens.  First thing I noticed was the poor lighting but I anticipated this as I had my trusty Canon EXII flash on me (hehe).

The crowd were very welcoming, I was literally on the floor, propped up against legs and bums (lol) just to try every possible angle.

I have to say I truly enjoyed the shoot.  What more can you ask for? Cool music, awesome crowd and a chance to experiment in a totally different field of photography.  Thanks guys.

Here are the photos from this shoot and a link to there site