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A Collection of headshots taken by me for company owners or employees needing that shot to present themselves.

Headshot Of a Professional Hypnotherapist

Last year I had an incredible and educational headshot session with Mr. Jean-Philippe Drécourt. He is a professional hypnotherapist and needed a picture to put on his website, which you can view here.

I have done quite a lot of headshot shoots and why I say this one was educational is the fact that Jean-Philippe knew exactly how he wanted to present himself to his clients. So we had a good chat while shooting and his feedback in the images I took was invaluable and allowed me to obtain the final image he wanted. I was able to show him how the slightest drop of the shoulder will bring out the best in him as well as how close or far he was to my camera.

This shoot took place in the confines of his home front room.  The setup was a simple one.  All i needed was the use of a stool and a cushion to rest his arm on.  As he was leaning a little towards me this just gave him extra lift.  I only used just one strobe to the camera left with a large square softbox.  I used a Canon 5DMK3 with my 70-200mm IS L lens.  I had considered using my 50mm for closeups but in the end this was not needed.

I have been looking forward to showing you all the results of this shoot so here it is and don’t forget to check out his website also he is very good.