Sabrina Diva in the UK – Promo Shoot

Sabrina Diva came over to the UK for a short holiday and during this time she arranged to have a shoot with me so that she could take them back with her to Jamaica for any and all promotional use.

Sabrina had the perfect look and feel of what she wanted to achieve for this shoot and coupled with my knowledge of the area I knew exactly where we could do this shoot.  I chose a local park and besieged by a torrent of on lookers I began to setup the shoot.

I used a couple of strobe softboxes and a third light to use as a hair light.  The sun was strong and in the west which added another hair light setup.  My camera setup was simple and I stuck to using my 70-200mm IS L Lens on my Canon 5DMK3.

I truly enjoyed this shoot along with a constant stream of her new track playing in the background and my kid riding his bike and wanting to get into the shot with his Aunt lol.

Anyway here are the photos from that very session.  Don’t forget to comment, rate, share or tweet.

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