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In the Office Web Series

Recently I was approached by a guy called Utam.  He heads up a media company called AdTube (@AdTubeMedia).

They are currently filming a web series called In the Office (@InTheOffice) and it’s main goal is to offer a collection of videos from established people in a business, talking about their business and offering a source of inspiration for those people that want to start a business themselves.

I have had to use other wedding photographers as my source of inspiration to help me shoot better or to simply pluck up the courage to try different things.  It’s good to have been given the opportunity to also do the same and maybe inspire others to get into a wonderful field of photography.  Starting your own business is never an easy thing to do and quite a few people can be “put-off” by the thought of it, so hopefully this web series In the Office will help them to not give up and to continue pushing forward with there dreams of becoming a wedding photographer.

I had a great time with Utam and his colleague and would definitely recommend his services and use them again myself.

The final video for the series will be out soon, subscribe to them on YouTube here.  As a bonus they also made a promotional video for me to use with my logo.  I can now share this with you all below.