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Dena 1Yr Video Project

Five years ago I released a video short of my son Kaylan (here).  It was my way of showing him a snippet of his life as seen through my eyes as a father.  It was something I wanted him to have so that when he gets older he can see little of what he was like.

Now I have another child in my life and decided to undertake a much bigger project.  Spanning over a year from before she was born I decided that I wanted to also do the same for my new child.  We both as parents decided to know what we were having this time round so knew it was a girl.  I wanted to go big on the project and at first was going to just shoot for a few months and have some footage of when she was just a baby.  This quickly evolved into a massive undertaking for the next 13-14 months and ending on her 1st birthday.

The drive it gives you to pick up your camera every week/month to catalogue an event is not easy and you will see that some months I didn’t even take a photo but in the end I still managed to cover the entire year.

This personal project is a combination of Video and still images all taken on my Canon 5DMK 3. It was a very emotional project to work on as you will see in the beginning she was not all too well and as parents that’s never anything you want to wish on your worst enemy let alone go through it yourself.  But all things went well and she has turned out to be a character of her own and the perfect partner in crime for her bigger brother lol.

The final editing phase of this project only needed to be edited in Adobe Lightroom and I used Apple’s iMovie to put the footage and images together.

I hope you enjoy this video, feel free to share and comment.

Below you can see the Dena 1Yr Video Project.  or you could head to my YouTube Channel to view it.

Kaylan Video Short Movie

I have been working secretly on a project spaced out over a week.  I don’t really do video as I’m mainly a stills photographer. However I watched a video by @PhilipBloom called (Journey through New Zealand) using the 5DMK 3 and since I recently acquired one I thought I would give it a try.  Now I could’t sharpen the footage to make it pop even more but I’m happy with the results I applied my photography skills to the footage shooting it the way I would shoot if it was a stills image so hope this gives it a different feel to the video.  Anyway here are the results of the Kaylan video short movie in the YouTube window below.

Wedding Promotional Shoot

Hi Everyone, it has been a long time in the planning and now it is finally complete.  The birth of this idea was created back in June 2011 as part of my marketing strategy for 2011.  After sifting through numerous churches and locations I managed to settle on one location, Forty Hill.  A beautiful plot of land nestled away in Enfield.  The next challenge was to obtain a wedding dress, thank god for eBay.  I was able to source one there.  Then along with weather conditions and trying to obtain all the correct people on my team to get the shoot off the ground It finally happened in October 2011.

The main reason of this shoot was to simulate the private bride and groom shoot that I do at all the weddings I shoot and to bring this on camera for the public to see, almost like an open door into how I work so you lucky brides out there know exactly what to expect on your wedding day.  Although I have used models for this shoot and they are more comfortable in front of the camera than the normal Bride and Groom, it was the poses that I wanted to portray as well as the image quality you would expect.  They have been fully directed like I would a real couple to achieve the same look.  Well you can see for yourself now, the results are below in the Video and images from this shoot.  Thank you to the following that help to make this a success.

Hope you enjoy the video and images below.
JP’s Photography Wedding Promotional – Video


JP’s Photography Wedding Promotion Shoot – Images