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Dena 1Yr Video Project

Five years ago I released a video short of my son Kaylan (here).  It was my way of showing him a snippet of his life as seen through my eyes as a father.  It was something I wanted him to have so that when he gets older he can see little of what he was like.

Now I have another child in my life and decided to undertake a much bigger project.  Spanning over a year from before she was born I decided that I wanted to also do the same for my new child.  We both as parents decided to know what we were having this time round so knew it was a girl.  I wanted to go big on the project and at first was going to just shoot for a few months and have some footage of when she was just a baby.  This quickly evolved into a massive undertaking for the next 13-14 months and ending on her 1st birthday.

The drive it gives you to pick up your camera every week/month to catalogue an event is not easy and you will see that some months I didn’t even take a photo but in the end I still managed to cover the entire year.

This personal project is a combination of Video and still images all taken on my Canon 5DMK 3. It was a very emotional project to work on as you will see in the beginning she was not all too well and as parents that’s never anything you want to wish on your worst enemy let alone go through it yourself.  But all things went well and she has turned out to be a character of her own and the perfect partner in crime for her bigger brother lol.

The final editing phase of this project only needed to be edited in Adobe Lightroom and I used Apple’s iMovie to put the footage and images together.

I hope you enjoy this video, feel free to share and comment.

Below you can see the Dena 1Yr Video Project.  or you could head to my YouTube Channel to view it.


Destination Wedding Photography – Kasia & Piotr

Wedding Photography in a different country can most times produce the best photos for a wedding photographer.  In August of 2013 this dream came true for me.

I had the absolute gem of a wedding to shoot in Wagrowiec-Poland.  I believe every Wedding Photographer has a dream to be asked to fly to another country and photograph a wedding.

It’s almost like a calling card that all your years of hard work has finally paid off and your being recognized as an International Wedding Photographer.

Kasia & Piotr are such a beautiful and lovely couple.  There love for each other is undeniable and pure.  Kasia was very helpful in making me understand the different process of Polish weddings so that I had the best possible understanding to provide the best wedding photography of their day to the best of my ability.

As for the language barrier, “Haha” her family were more than helpful to translate, along with Google Translator to help me out.  I have to say getting everyone’s attention for the group family shoot is not easy when no one knows what your saying “lol”

There Wedding took place in a well sort after Hotel used by many famous stars and people across the world. The Roza Poraja.  A beautiful venue and what a beautiful sunny day it was for the couple.

Anyway I would like to share the wedding photography pictures from their amazing day to you all.



Tom & Emily Papandrea – The Inn on the Lake Wedding

The Inn on the Lake  (goto site here) situated on the edge of Shorne wood is the beautiful location that Tom and Emily chose for their wedding reception.  With beautiful grounds for photography against a lake.  This was one of the most beautiful weddings I shot in the UK

August 9th 2013 was the date that this beautiful couple committed there lives to each other for the rest of their lives, and I was able to provide the wedding photography.  Seeing these two tie the knot was a wonderful and emotional affair.  This wedding literally brought me to pause and not shoot because of the tears of joy and love in the room.

The weather was amazing and I had such a great time with the couple and their families.  I spent the entire day with the couple starting with the Bride getting ready in the Salon and then the Groom getting ready at the hotel.  The wedding took place in St Johns Church situated in Gravesend.  It is a lovely well lit church, large a spacious for wedding photography.  I even took some of the family group photos inside because of this very reason.

I had a truly amazing day with this couple and would like to share these pictures with you.